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Welcome Parents!

Healthy sleep habits are essential for babies to ensure healthy growth and development.

How does your baby sleep?

If you believe your baby is not achieving his maximum sleep potential, I can help!

Sleep consultations with Helen Sands

are available

all over the world via skype or telephone!

I can assist your family with "in home" sleep training

or by remote consultation.

Baby sleep is the hottest topic that is discussed amongst parents. I can help you teach your baby how to achieve the great sleep he or she deserves!

The entire family will benefit from the personalized plan I develop and everyone willl enjoy that additional sleep!

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, I can be of assistance:

  • Does your baby or child resist you every time you try to put him/her down for a nap?
  • Do you use props such as rocking, bouncing, stroller walking, riding in the car etc, to put your baby to sleep?
  • Do you walk the floor with your baby until he/she falls asleep, night or day?
  • Does your baby only return to sleep if you nurse or bottle feed him/her to sleep?
  • Is your baby waking up multiple times during the night and cannot fall back to sleep without your help?
  • Are you exhausted and sleep deprived yourself to the point that you feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Are you going back to work soon and worried about how you will get enough sleep to function at work?

Your baby or child will benefit greatly from the gift of sleep.

I look forward to assisting your family!



"Place your baby or child into her crib while she is awake. This way, she will learn to fall sleep, independent of being rocked or nursed to sleep"

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