As a Mom of young twins, I know how valuable sleep is! I have made it my life’s work to assist families with this problem! The entire family benefits from being well rested! It really is a “win win” situation for parents if the children are sleeping well. I am very eager to pass on my wealth of experience and knowledge to you.

I have over 30 years’ experience working with infants and children in Australia and Canada. My background transcends over 20 years as a Mothercraft Nurse in Australia, over 20 years hands-on experience as a Newborn Specialist (baby nurse) and over 11 years working in my current field as Baby and Child Sleep Coach. I am dedicated, professional and committed to assisting your child to learn how to sleep well.

I am based in British Columbia, Canada, but assist families all over the world via remote consultation (telephone or skype)! I consult with hundreds of families each year and am proud to say I have assisted over 5,000 children on their journey to great sleep.

I offer daily support, giving parents the opportunity to feel confident in their ability to coach their baby to great sleep. Setting up your child for sleep success does not just rely solely on “a sleep training technique” or “crying it out”. If your GP or pediatrician has asked you to let your baby or child “cry it out”, that simply is unnecessary and your child deserves a great deal of support from her parents, as you transition her into great sleep habits.

Many parents just try a “method” or “technique” without addressing what is really causing their child’s sleep issues. I address all possible points that could be causing the child NOT to sleep, and correct those problems, which just leaves the Hushababy® sleep training technique as the final touch to training. If tweaks need to be made during the training process, I assist parents in putting those into motion.

In my conversations with parents, I stress the importance of their dedication to their personal sleep plan and offer insight and information as to the reasons why their child is not sleeping well. Homework is usually provided at the time of our meeting and your sleep plan is usually delivered within 24 hours of that meeting, unless other arrangements are made between us.

The personal sleep plan will be a new beginning for the family and it is through your commitment, dedication and perseverance with the plan/schedule, that real change is achieved. It is my pleasure to create balance and harmony in your home once more.